our philosophy

one spoon of evoo per day

The extra virgin olive oil has many useful properties for our body.

The EVOO to deserve this name shall not be subject to any type of heating, its degree of acidity must not exceed the 8% and its score, from organoleptic point of view, should not be less than 6,5.
The extra virgin olive oil lower cholesterol, the blood pressure, is an antioxidant, helps to prevent osteoporosis, is an anticancer (in particular reduce the breast cancer).
the evoo reduces the risk of diabetes by almost 50%. It's beneficial in the prevention of depression and alzheimer. It's also known to have beneficial effects on digestion and strengthens the walls of blood vessels.
the bitterish you can feel when you taste the oil is an extra touch of healty. This feeling depend of a substance with anti-inflammatory called "oleocantale" which has the same effect as a pain-killing substance called "ibuprofen" which seams that has also anti-tumor properties.
The extra virgin olive oil is a simple food with a multiple properties. Is the only oil made by fruits and not by seeds and is not true that evoo has more fat than that of seeds, actually all oils contain the same amount of fat, but olive oil is not fattening than oil seeds and it has a greater palatal  satisfaction.
often the simplest things are the most genuine and small companies, like ours, can provide high quality products due to the simplicity and love we treat our land and our fruits. 
A teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil in the morning helps to keep us fit. It's not a great effort but it really works.