In The Kitchen



                                               I prepare the bread every monday for my family and i keep it in airtight bag. it                                                                        remain soft all the week. if you bake it in the classic mold for plum cake is ideal for preparing toast, in the morning with honey or jam or, of course, warm with extra virgin olive oil, oregano and a bit of garlic!!!



250gr whole wheat flour

250gr soft wheat flour

300 ml water

50 gr extra virgin olive oil

8 gr salt

3,5 gr dry yeast

1 tea spoon of malt or sugar

  • dissolve the yeast and malt or sugar in a little bit of warm water and put it on the flour mountain you have created before

  • in the remainig water dissolve the salt and add the evoo

  • pour it on the flour and knead until the mixture will be compact, smooth and elastic

  • place it in a bowl sealed with kitchen film and let stand for 2 hours

  • after that work quickly the dough by adding a bit of flour and let it rest for another hour without cover can put it directly into the mold for plum cake or make a's up to you

  • after that time make 3 cuts (if you opted for the elongated shape) or 4 square shaped (for the ball) and bake at 200° for 45 minutes

you can enrich your bread with whatever you would like, poppy raisins, nuts, sesame, oregano, rosemary and more...

let the imagination inspire you and let yourself enjoy the sweetness of freshly baked homemade bread 


 G R E E K   S A L A D

a classic of greek cuisine, always on our table. full of vitamins and beautiful colors



sliced ​​cucumbers


feta cheese


salt, oregano

extra virgin olive oil

Depending on the location, other ingredients are add, such as capers - sometimes even their leaves - or green peppers

cut and mix all the vegetables in a bowl and is ready!!!! fast, elthy and delicious..